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Eighty percent of the legal mistakes made by entrepreneurs can be avoided by DIY solutions. Our mission is to eliminate all avoidable mistakes made by entrepreneurs and provide those solutions. Learn how we do that.
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Learn Your Legal Problems


Take our Legal Checkup. It’s an intelligent questionnaire that spots problems you might not have considered then provides actionable solutions.

Learn Your Legal Problems


For example, if you know you’re hiring a contractor but don’t know what legal steps you need to take. For problems like these, you can browse our categories organized by legal topic and go straight to your point.

Learn Your Legal Problems


Use our search function to find all our content on that problem or topic.


For the problems you don’t know you don’t know


If you have a vague idea of the problem


If you know your problem

Solve your problems

Solve your legal problem using our valuable legal tools:
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Prevent Your Future Problems

Got a new logo? Starting a new business? Hiring a contractor to design something? Leasing out new space? Most businesses have at least one new legal issue pop-up monthly. Our issue-based intelligent questionnaires will help you navigate our content as quickly as possible. (Coming Soon)

Issue-Based Intelligent Questionnaires

Take our legal checkup annually, but take our quarterly checkups every three months to make sure your company’s good to go. Also get notifications on common issues like when to file an annual report and how to handle trademark issues and other time-based problems. All it takes is one overlooked legal issue to cause serious problems in the future. (Coming Soon)

Time-Sensitive Notifications

Don’t have time for legal? No problem. As a subscriber, we’ll send you weekly emails detailing the most common avoidable mistakes and how to avoid them.

Weekly Avoidable Mistake Emails

A Case Study Using Legal GPS

Will On His Own

  • Meet Will. Will didn’t have any legal help and made a lot of mistakes. Watch the videos to see Will’s mistakes.
  • Will didn’t have an entity.
    Will Lost: $50,000+
  • Will didn’t do a trademark search.
    Will Lost: $30,000+ Goodwill
  • Will didn’t do LLC formalities.
    Will Lost: $30,000+
  • Will didn’t have an NDA.
    Will Lost: His Company
  • Will didn’t assign his IP.
    Will Lost: His Company
Will Lost:
  • $110,000+
  • Goodwill & Business’s Name
  • His trade Secrets
  • All IP Assets He Paid Others to Create
  • His Company

Will With Legal GPS

  • This time, Will used Legal GPS. Here’s what he did and the money he saved.
  • Will setup an LLC.
    Will Saved: $50,000+
  • Will did a trademark search for his business name.
    Will Saved: $30,000+ Goodwill
  • Will did all the right LLC formalities after he set up his company.
    Will Saved: $30,000+
  • Will protected his confidential info with an NDA.
    Will Saved: His Company
  • Will had the IP created for him assigned to his company.
    Will Saved: His Company
Will Saved:
  • $110,000+
  • Goodwill & Business’s Name
  • His Trade Secrets
  • His IP
  • His Company

About LegalGPS

Legal GPS is the first proactive all-in-one legal technology app designed exclusively for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We created the app to eliminate all the avoidable legal mistakes entrepreneurs make who previously relied on Google searches to solve their problems.

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